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  1. i want you to look up naltrexone and hydrochloride .
    "ナルトレキソン" を調べて
  2. keep the ritodrine hydrochloride at 50 .
    塩酸リトドリン 50ガンマで キープ。
  3. the victim wasn't poisoned , but he did show traces of donepezil hydrochloride .
    被害者は毒殺されてない でも塩酸ドネペジルが見つかった
  4. iin rare cases , a side effect of donepezil hydrochloride is reduced bone density and increased bone fracturing .
    まれに ドネペジル塩酸塩の 副作用で骨密度低下があるわ 骨をもろくしてしまったのね
  5. juntaro did pharmacological research on the important medicine remijin hydrochloride (a pneumonia drug derived from quinine ), which at the time was imported from abroad , and on digitalis preparation and ephedrine .


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