if pleasant weather continues 意味

  • 気持ちのよい天気が続けば
  • enjoy equally pleasant weather and surroundings in:    ~でも同じように気持ちの良い天気{てんき}と環境{かんきょう}を満喫{まんきつ}する
  • pleasant:    pleasant adj. 楽しい, 愉快な; 愛想のよい, 感じのよい.【副詞】He was equally pleasant to me.私にも同様に愛想よかった.【+前置詞】The experience was very pleasant for me.それは私にはとても楽しい経験だったWeather like this can't be very pleasant for people
  • continues to this day to:    今日に至るまで~し続ける


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