in a bun 意味

  • 束髪{そくはつ}に結って
  • bun:    bun n.(1) (通例干しぶどう入りの薄甘の)丸い小さなパン, バン.【形容詞 名詞+】a cinnamon bunシナモン入りのバンa cream bunクリームバンa hamburger bunハンバーガー(用の)バンa (hot) cross bun (Good Fridayに食べる)十字架の型を押した甘パン.(2) (女性が頭の後ろに結うバンの型をした)束髪.【形容詞 名詞+】Sh
  • bun bun:    {名} :
  • bun-bun:    {名} : 尻{しり}


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  1. unexpectedly i would like to offer a bun in a bun
  2. in mikkyo it is shaped as a child with its hair tied in a bun (髻 ), which conveys a pure mind .
  3. the mainstream male hairstyle was hittsume (hair tightly pulled back in a bun ), whose shape was close to ichomage (a hairstyle like a fan , like a leaf of the sacred gingko tree ).
  4. many sculptures of male deities have a hairstyle of mizura (wearing one ' s hair in a bun on each side of the head ) or put on a crown; some sculptures of female deities wear juni-hitoe (twelve-layered ceremonial kimono ).
  5. when girls between 10 and 19 years old wear chigomage , it often becomes similar to momoware (literally , split peach; female hair style in kimono that the bun is split and a red fabric woven in the center ) or ichogaeshi (the hair done up in a bun shaped like two leaves of the ginkgo tree ).


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