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  1. in a case that isn't his .
  1. you know , my ex used to keep her tablet in a case that looked just like a book .
    僕の元カノは 本に見えるケースに タブレットを入れていた
  1. who was the swing vote in a case that could've cost her corporate clients billions .
    彼女の法人顧客にとって 莫大な負担を強いる訴訟でした
  1. it appears our estate investigator has taken an unorthodox interest in a case that isn't his .
    現れて 地所調査者が 持ってる 異例の関心を 彼の物じゃない事例で
  1. lily jones is the name of a witness , in a case that section six was building against liberate .
    リリー・ジョーンズって名だけど セクション6が追ってる事件の 証人の名なの


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