in a cavity 意味

  • 腔所中{くうしょ ちゅう}で
  • cavity:    cavity n. 穴; 〔解剖〕 腔(こう); 虫歯の穴.【動詞+】dilate a cavity腔を広げるI have to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled.虫歯の穴をふさいでもらうために歯医者に行かなくてはならないFluorine treatment markedly reduces the tendency to form caviti
  • into a cavity:    腔内{くうない}に[へ]
  • abdominal cavity:    abdominal cavity腹腔ふっこふくこふくくう


  1. he could have had it concealed in a cavity or under his skin in scar tissue .
    体腔に入れてたか 皮下の 傷痕に潜ませてたか
  2. he was the author of " dochu shoshu " (literally , " small collection in a cavity " ), while one of his poems was selected for " kokin wakashu " (a collection of ancient and modern japanese poetry ).


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