in a diagram 意味



  1. In a diagram of him .
  2. Steppingstones are described in a diagram of the tea room established by shoei matsuya , nurishi (a maker of lacquer ware and handiworks ) in nara , around the same time , and ' shogi ' (camp stool , folding stool ), allegedly a prototype of machiai (tea house to lend seats and tables , or rooms ), is also written ( " matsuya ' s secret writings on tea ceremony ." )
  3. Its was depicted in a diagram within classics such as the art book by sekien toriyama , " konjaku gazu zoku hyakki " (continued illustrations of the many demons past and present ), in a note quoted from a chinese classic " seisonroku ," and its appearance was like that of a crane , having black body color , and its glittering eyes were like flame , and it sang in a high pitch note while shaking its wings .
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