in a flurry of 意味

  • ~が飛び交う中
  • flurry:    flurry n. 混乱, ろうばい; 一陣の烈風; にわか(小)雪.【動詞+】have a snow flurry(突然)雪がちらちら降るraise a flurry in an assembly集会にひと波乱起こす.【形容詞 名詞+】The current flurry of takeovers started last April.現在吹き荒れている乗っ取り騒動は去年の 4 月に始まった
  • flurry of:    《a ~》にわかの、相次ぐ{あいつぐ}、立て続けの
  • in a flurry:    あたふたと、慌てて、まごついて、狼狽して、慌ただしく


  1. kenshin ordered a temporarily withdrawal due to random shooting by an uprising of ikko sect followers while attacking asahiyama-jo castle at the border between ecchu province and kaga province in september 1573 , he demanded yoji , the son of kagesuke yoshie , to remain in custody within the camp as he fought bravely in a flurry of bullets and did not withdraw as ordered .


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