in a foam 意味

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  • (馬など)汗だくで、一団の泡となって、泡状{あわじょう}で
  • foam:    1foam n. あわ; あわ汗.【動詞+】spray foam on a burning bed燃えているベッドに消火器のあわを吹きかける.【形容詞 名詞+】(a) contraceptive foam避妊用発泡剤fire extinguisher foam消火器のあわwhite foam白いあわ.【前置詞+】He stood in the foam from the surf.打ち寄せる波
  • foam at:    ~に激怒{げきど}する
  • to foam:    to foam泡立つあわだつ


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