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  • in a fog
  • fog:    1fog n. 霧; ぼんやりした状態.【動詞+】The sun was starting to burn off the fog.太陽が霧を散らしはじめていたWe had bad fogs this winter.今年の冬は霧がひどかったThe sun melted the fog.太陽が霧を散らした.【+動詞】The fog is breaking up.霧が晴れてきているThe fog
  • fog it in:    速球を投げる
  • in the fog:    in the fog霧中むちゅう


  1. imagine you're driving in a fog . that makes a difference
  2. the next few days passed in a fog .
    ここ数日 途方にくれた
  3. they fought fiercely with bombardment and rife-shooting in a fog at close quarters so that the distance between them was a little more than 10 steps when the fog cleared .


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