in a passage 意味

  • 一節{いっせつ}に


  1. it is a word that appears in a passage in " higansugimade " written by soseki natsume .
  2. in a passage of a noh play " tamura ," there is a line which describes ' kijin (a fierce god ) enveloped in dark clouds , throwing off sparks .'
    能の『田村』の一説に「鬼神は 黒雲鉄火を ふらしつゝ」という文言があり、鬼神が黒雲を纏い火花を散らす描写になっている。
  3. that there were two kinds of tonjiki: moritonjiki and aratonjiki were noted in a passage of genpuku (attainment of manhood ) ceremony of crown prince in ' hokuzansho ' (a representative book of ceremonies for the heian period written by fujiwara no kinto ).
  4. in a passage in the ' shugei shuchiin-shiki ' written when the priest kukai founded the shugei shuchiin school in 829 , the ' nikyo-in ' of kibi no makibi and untei-in of isonokami no yakatsugu are mentioned as the school ' s predecessors , with the current state of untei described as ' having a beginning and unending , abandoned by people , in devastation ,' suggesting that it no longer existed in his times .


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