in a queue 意味

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  • 列を成して
    Are you in the queue? 並んでいらっしゃいますか?
  • queue:    1queue n. 《主に英》 (順番を待つ人などの)列.【動詞+】form a queue列を作るjoin a queue列に加わるDon't jump the queue.(順番を無視して)列に割りこむな.【+動詞】A long queue formed in front of the shop.店の前に長い行列ができたThe queue lengthened.行列が長くなったThe qu
  • queue for:    ~を買う[入手する?もらう]ために行列に並ぶ
  • batch queue:    バッチ待ち行列


  1. oh , those are texts in a queue , waiting to be sent .
  1. i'll have you know , i stood in a queue for hours to buy this .
    これ買うために 何時間 並んだと思ってんだよ
  1. users are supposed to stand in a queue at taxi stand which is set up at stations , airports , ports , department stores , tourism destinations , downtown areas , hospitals , and some other places .


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