in a siege 意味

  • 《be ~》包囲される
  • siege:    siege n. 囲み, 包囲攻撃.【動詞+】abandon a siege包囲を解くbreak a siege包囲攻撃網を破るconduct a siege包囲攻撃を指揮するendure a siege包囲攻撃に耐えるlay siege to a fortress要砦を包囲するlay siege to a woman's heart女をくどくlift a siege囲みを解くpush the
  • abandon a siege:    包囲を解く
  • bloody siege:    むごたらしい包囲攻撃{ほうい こうげき}


  1. when the battle between ieyasu tokugawa (the eastern army ) and mitsunari ishida (the western army ) started after the death of hideyoshi , the family sided with the eastern army , there , garasha committed suicide refusing to be a hostage of the eastern army , yusai fought in a siege of tanabe-jo castle (tango province ) for two month and tadaoki did distinguished service in the battle of sekigahara .


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