in a thousand 意味

  • 千に一つの
  • by the thousand:    by the thóusand 千単位で.
  • by thousand:    {1} : 《by the thousand》千単位で--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{2} : 《by the thousands》幾千{いくせん}となく、無数{むすう}に、何千{なんぜん}となく、何千{なんぜん}もの
  • thousand:    thousand n. 1,000.【形容詞 名詞+】It cost me a cool thousand.《口語》 それは大枚 1,000 ドルかかったcountless thousands of…(何千とも知れない)無数の…a crowd of several thousand(s)数千の群集.【前置詞+】The white ants came streaming out by thous


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  1. alamut hasn't been breached in a thousand years .
  2. the human face can mislead in a thousand different ways .
  3. archeologists will dig us up in a thousand years
  4. apparently the success rate is less than one in a thousand .
  5. that might be suitable for life is maybe one in a thousand
    1000個に1個か もしかすると


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