in affluence 意味

  • 裕福{ゆうふく}に
    He resided in affluence with his grandparents. 彼は祖父母とともに裕福に暮らした。
  • affluence:    affluence n. 豊富, 富裕; 《文語》 流入.【動詞+】achieve affluence(努力して)裕福になるFree trade has brought affluence to millions of people.自由貿易が何百万もの人々を豊かにしてきたenjoy great affluence大きな富を享受する.【+動詞】Affluence has yet to come
  • achieve affluence:    裕福{ゆうふく}になる
  • affluence index:    豊かさの指標{しひょう}


  1. during the rule of mitsunari his good government enabled people of the sawayama domain to live in affluence , so that people in those days said that mitsunari was too good on two points: sakon shima and sawayama-jo castle .


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