in agreement with 意味

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  • ~に一致{いっち}して、~と意見{いけん}が合って[一致{いっち}して]、~に従って
    This result is in excellent agreement with that. この結果はそれと極めてよく一致している。
  • agreement:    agreement n. 取り決め, 協約, 協定, 約束; 契約; 一致, 同意.【動詞+】announce an agreement合意を発表するParliament has yet to approve the agreement.議会はその協定をまだ承認していないbreak an agreement約束を破るThey have broken the agreement by walki
  • agreement for:    ~のための協定{きょうてい}
  • agreement on:    ~に関する協定{きょうてい}


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  1. it seems to be in agreement with naruto in anger .
    怒りで ナルトと 呼応するようだな。
  2. she was in agreement with postponing it too .
  3. surely you will come to be in agreement with this decision
    あなたも気を取り直せば きっと私に同意するでしょう
  4. kuniomi made a plan to act in agreement with the tench-gumi which was still fighting in yamato .
  5. punishment took place on the riverbank between the sanjo-bashi bridge ," and even though there is no mention of who were punished , this is in agreement with the comment by the missionary .
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