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  • 空中{くうちゅう}で
  • air:    1air n.(1) 空気, 大気; そよ風; 空中; 戸外; 流布; 制空権.【動詞+】admit air(室内に)空気を入れるbeat the air空を打つ, むだ骨を折るThe air conditioner was blowing cold air against my back.エアコンは私の背中に冷たい風を吹きつけていたbreathe foul airよごれた空気を吸うThis
  • by air:    航空便{こうくうびん}で、飛行機{ひこうき}でIf they need it urgently, we can ship it by air. 彼らが緊急に必要としているなら、航空便で送ることもできます。
  • for the air:    放送向けに


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  1. we can make a huge difference in air quality .
  1. in air pressure that travel through the air .
  1. when you pump in air in a bicycle , you use a bit of this .
  1. we're actually , you know , testing it in air
  1. can't they just filter in air from outside ?


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