in alignment 意味

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  • ~と一直線になって、~の路線に沿って、一直線上に
  • alignment:    alignment n. 一線上にそろえること; 整合, 調整; 配列; 同調, 提携.【動詞+】check the wheel alignment.(車の)車輪の整合をチェックしなさい.【形容詞 名詞+】factional alignments within a political party政党内の派閥の提携good alignment of the teeth歯のよい並び(方)We se
  • in alignment with:    ~と一直線になって、~の路線に沿って、一直線上に
  • into alignment with:    ~と1列に並んで


  1. oh , it's a sign . the stars are in alignment .
    何かの兆しよ 星が一直線に並んだ
  2. did i not say the stars were in alignment ?
    星が一直線と言った通り... .
  3. though babylonian destroyed assyria in alignment with median , babylonia was destroyed by assyrians , who rebuilt their country .
  4. after katayama (the top of the shoulder ) is slid backward , the collar at the back of the neck is bent into a u- or v-shape to fit the tabo and is then pulled lower in alignment with the tabo .
  5. in alignment with shinobu komuro who was ex-feudal retainer of tokushima domain , he succeeded in persuading ex-feudal retainers of miyazu and fukuchiyama domains to invest kinroku-kosai as common stock .


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