in amount 意味

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  • {1} : 総計{そうけい}で、トータルで(in total)
    {2} : 結局{けっきょく}(のところ)
  • amount:    1amount n. 総計; 数, 量, 額.【動詞+】I added the same amount to each plate.それぞれの皿に同じ量を付け加えたAny amount, however small, will be appreciated.どんなに少なくとも金額の多少にかかわらずありがたくお受けしますHow do they calculate the amount of CO
  • amount to:    {1} : 合計{ごうけい}~になる、総計{そうけい}で~に達するThe pass rate of the exam amounted to 51 percent. その試験の合格率は51%にものぼった。The bill amounts to $__. その請求書の合計金額は_ドルになっている。--------------------------------------------------
  • no amount of:    最大限{さいだいげん}の~ですら…ない


  1. either way , it is said that sesame , salt and water to be mixed and roasted should be equal in amount .
  2. the rice is hulled into brown rice , which further decreases in amount to approximately 70 kg (about 0 .4 koku in volume . these values are calculated based on the rice-polishing ratio slightly lower than that for present-day futsushu [regular sake ]) , and the same volume of water is added to this to brew 0 .8 koku of sake .


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