in anguish 意味

  • 苦しんで、苦悶{くもん}して、苦悩{くのう}して、心痛のあまり
  • anguish:    anguish n. 苦痛, 苦悩.【動詞+】Nothing could assuage my anguish.私の苦悩をやわらげるものは何もなかったcause anguish苦痛をもたらすendure anguish苦悩に堪えるAnyone who has had to endure the anguish of a death in the family will understand m
  • additional anguish:    余計{よけい}な苦しみ
  • anguish of despair:    絶望{ぜつぼう}の苦しみ


  1. she heaved and pushed , clearly in anguish .
    妻は いきみながら 明らかに苦しんでいました
  2. and this woman leans over in anguish , not about that man
  3. - upon abe no kurahashimaro ' s passing the emperor went to shuzaku-mon gate and wailed and cried in anguish .
    - 阿倍倉梯麻呂が死に、天皇は朱雀門に出て哀哭し、嘆いた。
  4. it is said that with his neck having been placed on the executioner ' s block , he writhed in anguish , then calmed down , after which his head was duly chopped-off .
  5. additionally , in the muryoju-kyo sutra of the jodo sect , shakamuni-butsu asked miroku bosatsu to preach the hongwan (本願 ) of amitabha buddha against people in anguish of a later age .
    また、浄土宗系の無量寿経 には、阿弥陀仏の本願を後世の苦悩の衆生に説き聞かせるようにと、釈迦牟尼仏から弥勒菩薩に付属されている。


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