in autumn 意味

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  • 秋に
  • autumn:    autumn n. 秋; 初老期.【動詞+】We have had a very wet autumn this year.今年の秋は雨が多かったI have reached the autumn of my life.初老期にさしかかった.【+動詞】Autumn is approaching.秋が近づいているAutumn came early this year.今年は秋が早かった.【形容詞
  • at the beginning of autumn:    初秋[秋の初め(頃)]に
  • at the end of autumn:    晩秋[秋の終わり(頃)]に


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  1. yeah , because we only come in autumn each year .
    毎年 秋にしか来ないからね~。
  2. your shining' autumn ocean crashing'
    ♪ Your shinin' autumn ocean crashin' ♪
  3. did you know that grape leaves change colors in autumn ?
    知ってた? ブドウの葉はね 紅葉するのよ。
  4. in autumn 1910 , he restored kosokotai jingu shrine .
  5. the pear farms are open to public in autumn .


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