in cabinet 意味

  • 閣議{かくぎ}で
  • cabinet:    cabinet n.(1) 内閣, 閣議; 閣僚.【動詞+】call the cabinet閣議を召集するThe Prime Minister will choose a cabinet next week.首相は来週閣僚を選ぶThe Prime Minister consulted his cabinet.首相は閣僚の意見を聞いたThe Prime Minister was unable t
  • the cabinet:    the cabinet台閣たいかくだいかく
  • then cabinet:    そのときの内閣{ないかく}


  1. if she does , it's in cabinet 31 , with her original head .
    たぶん... あるとしたら 元の首をしまってる31番の棚に
  2. after reading and confirming all sobun (the reports submitted to the emperor ), the emperor would temporarily return them to shikiji-kugyo (high-ranked nobles engaged in cabinet council ).
  3. when the cabinet system was set up in 1885 , the imperial household minister was established replaced existing kunaikyo , but the minister was not included in cabinet members following the principle of " distinction between imperial court and government offices ."
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