in care of 意味

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  • ~気付{きづ}、~方
    I wrote to Mike in care of the Smiths. 私はスミス様方気付でマイクに手紙を書いた。
  • (in) care of:    (in) care of気付けきつけきづけ
  • care:    1care n. 心配, 悩み事, 不安; 世話; 介護; 注意, 気配り, 配慮; 関心事.【動詞+】assume the care of children in their mother's absence母親の不在中子供たちの世話を引き受けるMuch care has also been bestowed on the illustrations.さし絵に対しても同様多くの注意が払われて
  • care for:    {名} : ~への配慮{はいりょ}[対処{たいしょ}]、~の手入れ{ていれ}--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{句動-1} : ~を大事{だいじ}に思う、~のことを思いやりを持って考える、~のことを心配{しんぱい}する、~に気を使う、~を愛している、~をいつくしむ、~を


  1. around 1845: he was left in care of fukuchiyama city .
  1. in addition , his son , daisuke , was left in care of masanori inaba on october 11 and was pardoned on april 17 of the following year , as it was found that there was no rebellion , but died from smallpox at the age of four in 1651 and the family name ended .


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