in certain places 意味



  1. These cars will work in certain places and not in others .
    自動運転車は うまくいく場所 行かない場所があります
  2. They are believed to have effects such as driving away evil when worn or kept in certain places .
  3. I'm not sure that's such a good idea . we can't let her go poking around in certain places , if you know what i mean .
    探り回られては困る ここには秘密もあることだ
  4. In certain places where conditions are met , tap water is the source , many breweries secure a dedicated source of water supply .
  5. One theory is that due to the great efforts by sakanoue no tamuramaro , major opposing powers within emishi were removed , which produced many subordinate groups , the rapid increase of which was a threat to order in certain places .
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