in change 意味

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  • お釣りに
    I received 20 yen in change. お釣りを20円もらった。
  • a change:    a change異動いどう
  • and change:    〈米俗〉~とあと少しI have 27 dollars and change. 27ドルとあとほんの何セントか持ってるよ。You have only 3 minutes and change. 3分とちょっとしかないよ。
  • change:    1change n.(1) 変化, 変更, 変動, 変遷; 乗り換え; 着替え; 転地.【動詞+】Momentous changes have been accomplished.重大な改変が実行されたThe doctor advised a change (of air).医師は転地を勧めたThe Prime Minister has announced a change in the ma


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  1. you'd still have five [million ] pounds in change
  2. having in change this transportation of the pollen .
  3. and everyone like her who believes in change .
  4. hey , to rosa parks and everyone like her who believes in change .
  5. now , you'll still have about three billion pounds left in change
    30億ポンドくらい余る上 乗客は


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