in charity 意味

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  • 慈悲心から、~を哀れと思って
  • charity:    charity n. 慈悲, 仁慈, 慈善, 寛大さ; 施し物; 慈善事業.【動詞+】accept charity慈善を受け入れるadminister charity《文語》 慈善を施すadminister a charity慈善事業を行なうask charity施しを請うbestow charity仁慈を垂れるdispense charity慈善を施すWe are not merely di
  • in charity with:    慈悲心から、~を哀れと思って
  • a charity pot:    a charity pot社会鍋しゃかいなべ


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  1. so of course , how could you make money in charity
    慈善活動が 金儲けの罪滅ぼしなら
  2. to the people who are engaged in charity work .
  3. and i do believe in charity . they have their place
    慈善の力を信じています 物事には適所があるんです
  4. she's not really the kind to participate in charity like this .
  5. he liked to give in charity and gave all the salary he received to people suffering from poverty .


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