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  1. With respect to divinations and calendars , takashima ekidan and takashima-reki (takashima calendar ) by jingukan in ueno ward , tokyo is relatively in common use , but their art cannot be referred to as onmyodo .
  2. Biwako sokui (琵琶湖疏水 ) or lake biwa canal (since 疏 is not included in the national list of chinese characters in common use , 疎 is also used as in 琵琶湖疎水 ) is a waterway that was built to transport water from lake biwa to kyoto city .
  3. A food usually called konnyaku is the one made from glucomannan in konnyaku imo , a polysaccharide which is transformed into starch and then coagulated by adding alkali (calcium hydroxide is in common use or ash water was added ), creating its unique texture .
  4. Since the kanji for ' bi ' and ' wa ' are not in common use and have not been designated as kanji for daily use , lake biwa (or biwako ) is often written in shiga prefecture either completely in hiragana (びわこ ) or with the first two characters written in hiragana and the last one in kanji (びわ湖 ).
  5. Very few people used fundoshi in general pools where fundoshi had been in common use before , and a myth spread that fundoshi was prohibited at pools when some pools started to prohibit fundoshi which was confusingly similar to underwear as well as trunk-type swimwear with pockets .
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