in conspiracy 意味

  • 共謀して、徒党を組んで
  • conspiracy:    conspiracy n. 共謀, 陰謀.【動詞+】crush a conspiracy陰謀を粉砕するYou must be paranoiac if you detect a conspiracy in everything I talk about with my friends.私が友人たちと話すことすべてに陰謀の動きを見つけるとすれば君はきっと病気だencounter a male c
  • in a conspiracy to:    ~しようと共謀{きょうぼう}して
  • in conspiracy to:    《be ~》共謀{きょうぼう}して~する


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  1. one count engaging in conspiracy to commit securities fraud .
    1つめは 証券詐欺への関与
  2. one count engaging in conspiracy to commit money laundering .
    1つは 不正資金浄化の従事
  3. the court delivered sentence on people in conspiracy on december 3rd in hagi , and maebara and okudaira , who were thought to be ringleaders , were beheaded at once .
  4. another theory says that harunobu was in conspiracy with a senior vassal , or with yoshimoto imagawa , according to the " koyo gunkan " (record of the military exploits of the takeda family ).
  5. in the ishiyama war , he managed to ferry supplies from outside into the besieged ishiyama hongan-ji temple to support his father who was holding the temple , in conspiracy with terumoto mori of aki province .


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