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  1. In kyushu , where the kikuchi clan of the southern court faction , which was protecting prince kaneyoshi , who was a both a member of the imperial family and the seisai taishogun (literally , " great general who subdues the western barbarians " ), noriuji isshiki (doken ), who was the kyushu tandai (regional commissioner in kyushu ) under the ashikaga clan and was based in the hakata district , and yorinao shoni , who was an official of dazaifu (governmental office with jurisdiction over kyushu , iki and tsushima under the ritsuryo system ), had been in contention with each other , tadafuyu fought against the isshiki clan , who had received the order from shogun takauji to subjugate tadafuyu , and cooperated with the seisaifu government of imperial prince kaneyoshi , with the aim of capturing dazaifu .
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