in deep distress 意味

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  • ひどく難儀している
  • deep distress:    deep distress青息吐息あおいきといき
  • unable to shake one's feeling of deep distress:    《be ~》狼狽{ろうばい}せずにはいられない
  • distress:    1distress n. 苦痛; 苦難, 災難; 窮状, 困窮; 悲嘆, 傷心; 〔法律〕 動産差し押え.【動詞+】aggravate the distressその苦しみをさらに悪化させるalleviate sb's economic distress人の経済的困難を緩和するTheir daughter's love affair caused them extreme distress.娘の


  1. although shotaro is in deep distress , he prays for the repose of her soul .


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