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  • むちゃくちゃに、めちゃめちゃに、取り乱して、整頓してない、隊伍を乱して、入り乱れて、混乱して、取り散らかして、秩序が乱れて
  • disorder:    disorder n. 無秩序, 混乱, 乱雑; 騒動; (心身の)不調, 障害; 病気.【動詞+】Unemployment and poverty bred disorder in the inner-city areas.失業と貧困が都心のスラム街での騒動の原因であったdevelop a disorder病気にかかるSome drugs help to ease the disorder.
  • to be in disorder:    to be in disorder散らかるちらかる
  • (physical) disorder:    (physical) disorder障碍しょうがい


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  1. usually it's a bit more in disorder .
    ふだん もうちょっと 散らかってるんですけど。
  2. his dietary life also seemed to be in disorder , as a matter of course .
  3. seeing okida ' s courageous effort , the troops of chison started to flee in disorder .
  4. the defeated uprising party fled in disorder , and its ringleaders and murderers were arrested within a few days .
  5. kanbe , where he was born and brought up , was a prosperous post-station situate on the sanyo-do road; however , the town was in disorder due to gambling and drinking .


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