in dog language 意味

  • 犬語で
  • dog:    dog n. 犬; 男, やつ.【動詞+】No dogs are allowed in the buildings.屋内に犬を入れることお断りbeat a dog犬を殴るbreak a dog of a bad habit犬に悪い癖をやめさせるbreed dogs犬を飼育するbring the dog with us犬も一緒に連れていくcall one's dog犬を呼ぶchain a dog
  • dog it:    {1} : 責任{せきにん}を逃れるThe executive dogged it when the company was in trouble with a lot of debts. 会社が莫大な負債を抱えたとき、その重役は責任逃れをした。---------------------------------------------------------------------------
  • in dog:    犬語で


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