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  • 酒に酔って
  • a drink:    a drink水物みずもの飲料いんりょう一杯いっぱい
  • drink:    1drink n. 飲み物; 酒; 飲酒; 《口語》 海.【動詞+】I'd like to buy you a drink.君に一杯おごろうHe carries his drink well.酒を飲んでも乱れない人だShe downed her drink in one gulp.酒をひと口で飲み干したWe had to drink our drinks in a hurry.急いで飲まなくて
  • drink in:    吸収{きゅうしゅう}する、聞きほれる、見とれるI spent the morning in the garden drinking in the sunshine. 私は庭で日光浴をして午前中を過ごした。


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  1. a woman who has recently taken her comfort in drink .
    どうやら 最近 酒に溺れているようだな
  2. in the classic taiheiki , he is drawn as a silly person , indulging in drink .
  3. they say swim away home , nigger , and throw i in drink , but you ... you law man , right ?
    "家まで泳げ ニガー" と言われ魚のエサに...
  4. he loved drinking sake like ' a typical man who experiences transcendent ecstasy in drink .'
  5. okay , i will compress and upload the video to her , and then i will tell her that michael has gone off to the pub to drown his sorrows in drink .
    では、ビデオをアップロードします それとマイケルが一人で 飲みに出たと


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