in droves 意味

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  • 集団{しゅうだん}で、ぞろぞろと、群れを成して、大挙して、わんさと


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  1. young people were leaving oklahoma city in droves
    若者は オクラホマシティーを去り
  2. but my partner amanda attracts them in droves
  3. and then they will come , and they will come in droves .
    そうすれば みんな列をなしてやって来ます
  4. the suspects began to arrive at headquarters in droves .
    容疑者達が ぞろぞろ本部に連行されてきた
  5. the humans slaughter each other in droves while you idly fret .
    少し目を離すと 人間は殺し合ってる


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