in feather 意味

発音を聞く:   in featherの例文
  • 羽の生えた[ある]、羽で覆われた
  • feather:    feather n. (鳥の)羽.【動詞+】crop sb's feathers《文語》 人の高慢の鼻を折るThe bird will get new feathers in the spring.鳥は春に新しい羽が生えるThe bird is losing its feathers.この鳥は羽が抜けかかっているThe birds are molting their feathers.あの鳥は
  • (feather) duster:    (feather) duster叩きはたき
  • as light as a feather:    (羽のように)極めて軽いThis new cell-phone [cellular phone, mobile(-phone)] is (as) light as a feather. この新しい携帯電話はとても軽い。


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