in flesh 意味

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  • 肉がついて、肉となって
  • flesh:    1flesh n. 肉; 肉体; 肉づき, 肥満; 人間; 肉欲.【動詞+】These animals eat flesh.これらの動物は肉食であるWe can't sell these chickens until they gain more flesh.これらのひな鳥はもっと肥えるまで売れないlose flesh肉が落ちる, やせるHis tale made my flesh creep
  • in the flesh:    まの辺りに、実物{じつぶつ}のWhen I saw the actor for the first time in the flesh, my heart skipped a beat. その俳優を初めてまの辺りに見たとき、私の胸はどきどきした。
  • the flesh:    the flesh肉体にくたい


  1. they're pure in flesh and spirit .
  2. upholstered in flesh and cloth .
  3. of divinity lodged in flesh .
  4. both figures of male and female have female shapes in flesh color , and male gods have the pot with vivid flowers in his left hand .
  5. this honbutsu is not necessarily recognized as identical with gotama siddhattha (shaka ), who was born in india of eurasia continent before christ and lived in flesh and blood for eighty years , but it may be considered as the spirit of gotama siddhattha himself .


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