in great number 意味

  • おびただしく、大挙して、大勢で


  1. villagers , slaves and attendants , all in great number .
    村人 奴隷や 付添い人 全ての人に
  2. tenshu is pointed to as one of the features of shokuho period fortresses , because tenshu were seen in great number in ' shokuho period fortresses ' developed under the shokuho government of nobunaga oda and hideyoshi toyotomi ( " shoku " and " ho " are the initial letters of oda and toyotomi ).
  3. the main army consisting of liu yuanjing , xne andu , 龐法起 , and others achieved a series of victories and took tong gate; however , wang xuanmo , who proceeded his army in huaibei , took qiao ' ao and seized huatai (geographical names ) but was forced to take flight in the face of the imperial expeditionary force led by taiwudi of the northern wei dynasty crossing a ford in great number .


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