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  • in heaven
  • heaven:    heaven n. 天, 天国.【動詞+】trying to create a heaven on earth地上に天国を創りだそうとしてa telescope for exploring the heavens天空を探査するための望遠鏡He is moving heaven and earth to get the work finished in time.《口語》 期日に間に合うように仕
  • heaven's will:    天命{てんめい}、天寿{てんじゅ}、神のご意志{いし}
  • the will of heaven:    the will of heaven天機てんき


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  1. yes , but that's impossible because he's in heaven .
    うん でも無理だよ 天国だから。
  2. we will meet each other in heaven again .'
  3. well , there's a long white robe in heaven , i know .
  4. well , there's a long white robe in heaven , i know .
  5. you voice will definitely reach your daddy in heaven .


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