in height 意味

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  • 高さで
    The tower is 500 feet in height. その塔は高さ500フィートだ。
  • at height:    《be ~》真っ最中である
  • at the height of:    ~の絶頂にThe mayor decided to retire at the height of his popularity. その市長は、人気の絶頂で引退を決意した。
  • height:    height n. 高さ; 頂上; 高い所, 高原; 真最中, 極致.【動詞+】achieve a height of……という高さを達成するadjust the height of a seat座席の高さを調節するattain a height of……の高度に達するThe Japanese cedar is the largest tree in Japan, attaining a he


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  1. the tree is approximately 10 to 15 meters in height .
  2. it is twenty-eight meters in height and made of bronze .
  3. these men are seven inches different in height
    この二人の身長差は 約18センチですが
  4. it is a wooden sculpture of 14 centimeters in height .
  5. he was 176 centimeters in height and weighed 126 kilograms .


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