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  • (靴下{くつした}などが)擦り切れて穴だらけの
    I wore his favorite pair of jeans until they were in holes. 彼のお気に入りのジーンズを、私は擦り切れるまで履いた。
  • holes:    holes穴[化学]〈99R3410:ガラス繊維用語〉
  • access holes:    access holesアクセスホール[電情]
  • back holes:    back holesバックホール[鉱山]


  1. those were hottate bashira (earthfast post ) structures which were built with posts fixed at their bases in holes dug into the ground .
  2. since steaming too long causes the eggs to coagulate too much , which results in holes forming in the tamago dofu , it is advisable to place a cloth over the steamer pot and place the pot lid on the cloth so as not to cover the pot tightly .
  3. according to it , nozuchi lives in holes of trees deep in the mountains , and a large one is 3 jaku (about 90cm ) long and 5 sun (about 15cm ) in diameter; on seeing a human being , it comes down the hill and bites his/her on the leg , however , since it cannot crawl up hills fast , when encountering nozuchi , it can be dodged by running away to a higher place .
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