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  • 酔って
  • be in liquor:    be in líquor 酒に酔っている.
  • liquor:    liquor n. アルコール飲料, 飲料; 汁; 溶液.【動詞+】We youngsters thought it was manly to be able to carry one's liquor well.われわれ若者は酒に酔わないのが男らしいと思っていたdistill liquor酒を蒸留するWho drank all the liquor?この酒を全部飲んでしまったのはだれだfer
  • (the) liquor trade:    (the) liquor trade酒販しゅはん


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  1. from the amount of alcohol in your body you must have got it in liquor .
  2. i tell you what , i'll throw in liquor sales , but only after my sweat equity has been recouped .
    聞こえたか 酒の売上金だぞ 汗水たらして 株式を取り戻したんだ
  3. 1 sho is a volume that can be put into obin (literally , large bottle ) for sake , namely isshobin (literally , one-sho bottle ) which is usually seen in liquor shops .
  4. breweries use tobin which can contain 18 liters and the labeling words " tobin kakoi ," which we see in liquor shops , came from this fact . (refer to other indications )
  5. rather , it is believed that this prohibition was actually a kind of protection measures for brewers who insisted that they were overburdened by the repeated large hikes in liquor tax during the sino-japanese war/the russo-japanese war in order to make them accept the tax increases .


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