in mistake for 意味

発音を聞く:   in mistake forの例文
  • ~と間違えて
  • and no mistake:    確かに、間違いなくMy aunt is a real gossip and no mistake. 私のおばは、確かに本物のゴシップ好きだ。
  • by mistake:    by mistake過って誤ってあやまってつい
  • mistake:    1mistake n. 間違い, 誤り.【動詞+】acknowledge one's mistake自分の過ちを認めるadmit a mistake frankly率直に間違いを認めるWe can't afford another mistake.二度と失敗は許されないallow no mistakeどんな間違いも許さないanalyze past mistakes過去の間違いを分析するavoi


  1. it is said that he killed nakaakira in mistake for yoshitoki because nakaakira carried the sword and it was too dark to distinguish .


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