in nutrition 意味

  • 栄養上{えいようじょう}
  • nutrition:    nutrition n. 栄養; 栄養の摂取; 栄養学.【動詞+】get enough nutrition十分な栄養を取るIt is imperative to improve the nutrition of the children.子供たちの栄養状態を改善することが絶対必要であるChildren need adequate nutrition in order to grow prope
  • animal nutrition:    動物栄養{どうぶつ えいよう}、家畜栄養{かちく えいよう}
  • artificial nutrition:    人工栄養{じんこう えいよう}


  1. he became interested about sencha (green tea of middle grade ) with his interest in nutrition of tea as a physician .
  2. from the 1960 ' s onward , during the high economic growth period in japan , meat of livestock rich in nutrition was one of the relatively expensive ingredients .
  3. the average md has four years of medical school , takes one course in nutrition , two and half hours in many cases and these materials used curriculum materials are supplied by the national dairy council and the national livestock and meat board
    医学生は、四年間の間に、 通常二時間半の 栄養学の授業を受けますが、
  4. it originated in the imperial japanese navy and was introduced as a dish for sailors because it was high in nutrition and well-balanced , and also because it was easy to supply the ingredients as they were the same as navy curry .
  5. this dish , taking a little time for preparation , is a food so easy to chew that even those who have a little masticatory strength , like young children or elderly people , can easily eat it and is also rich in nutrition and easy to digest .


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