in perspective 意味

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  • 遠近法{えんきんほう}によって、秩序立って
  • perspective:    perspective n. 遠近(画)法, 遠近図; 釣りあい, 見通す力, 客観的な見方; 眺望; 前途, 将来の見通し.【動詞+】change one's perspectiveものの見方を変えるdraw a perspective of a placeある場所の遠近図を描くgain a clear perspective of Japan's role in the world eco
  • perspective on:    ~に関する見通し{みとおし}
  • with such a perspective:    その意味{いみ}で


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  1. you just put this in perspective when we get home .
    家に帰ったら 冷静に考えてみて頂戴
  2. now that's a big number , but to put it in perspective
    大きな額ですが 見方を変えれば
  3. to put kalenjin running success in perspective
    カレンジン族がいかに 優れた走者かを示すために
  4. i want to put it in perspective of the bigger picture
  5. and that is a wonderful stepping away in perspective


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