in political turmoil 意味

  • 《be ~》政治的混乱状態に陥って
  • political turmoil:    政治的混乱{せいじてき こんらん}、政変{せいへん}
  • cause political turmoil:    政治{せいじ}の混乱{こんらん}を招く
  • cause serious political turmoil:    重大{じゅうだい}[深刻{しんこく}]な政治的混乱{せいじてき こんらん}を引き起こす


  1. yukinari replied that it would be impossible to receive approval from michinaga , who held the powerful office of administrator , and that if imperial prince atsuyasu was succesfully installed as crown prince , it might even result in political turmoil leading to a coup; furthermore , he stated that members of the takashina clan , which was the maternal clan of the late empress , imperial prince atsuyasu ' s mother , were afraid to visit ise-jingu grand shrine located in ise , and did their utmost to dissuade emperor ichijo from installating imperial prince atsuyasu as crown prince .
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