in politics it's best to play things close to one's chest 意味

  • 政治においては事は胸の内に秘めてやるのがいちばんだ
  • play it close to one's chest:    pláy it clóse to one's chést (人に知られたくないことなどを)かくし立てする.
  • play one's cards close to one's chest:    手の内を見せない、秘密にしておく、何かを隠している"That company is really queer. When we negotiate with them, they always play their cards close to their chest." "Yes, I feel the same way. I hope they will put their cards o
  • play it close to chest:    《play [keep] it close to the [one's] chest [vest]》手の内を見せないようにする、秘密裏{ひみつり}に行う、慎重{しんちょう}に[注意深く]行動{こうどう}する◆【語源】play one's cards close to the vest から。


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