in prehistoric times 意味

発音を聞く:   in prehistoric timesの例文
  • 歴史以前に
  • of prehistoric times:    有史前の
  • prehistoric times:    先史時代{せんし じだい}
  • prehistoric:    {形-1} : 先史時代{せんし じだい}の、有史以前{ゆうし いぜん}のThese rocks date back to prehistoric times. これらの石は先史時代からのものだ。--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{形-2} : 全く時代遅れ{じだいおく


  1. it ' s not sure when japanese kyujutsu was systematized as a " technique " not only because of the lack of clear records , but also partly because the use of the bow and arrow began in prehistoric times .


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