in process of 意味

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  • ~の進行中{しんこうちゅう}で、~の最中{さいちゅう/さなか}で、~の途中{とちゅう}で、~の過程{かてい}で、~のプロセスを進めて
    Bilingual education incorporate a student's native language in the process of turning him into an educated citizen. 2カ国語[2言語併用]教育は生徒を教育を受けた市民にする過程で生徒の母国語を組み込んでいく。
  • in process:    {形} :
  • in the process:    そのプロセス[過程{かてい}]で、いつの間にか
  • in the process of:    ~の過程{かてい}でThey are in the process of moving offices, so it is hard to get in touch with them. 彼らはオフィス移転の最中なので、連絡がとりづらい。


  1. when society was in process of change , it became difficult for court nobles to find a subject from their daily life , and that ' s why no other fictionalized stories surpassed the " tale of genji ."


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