in procession 意味

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  • 行列を組んで、行列で◆(数学の行列ではない)〈英〉Lord Chancellor returns in procession to his room.:大法官は行列で自室に戻る。
  • procession:    procession n. 行列, 行進.【動詞+】form a procession行列を作るWe had a torchlight procession.たいまつ行列を行なったhead a procession行列の先頭に立つhold a lantern procession in memory of……をしのんでちょうちん行列を催すjoin a procession行列に加わるHe le
  • accompany the procession of:    ~の行列{ぎょうれつ}に同行{どうこう}する
  • at the end of a procession:    行列{ぎょうれつ}の後尾{こうび}につく


  1. one theory has it that the hakata gion yamakasa festival originated from the fact that people walked in procession , carrying a segakidana (a rack on which foods are offered during a service for the benefit of suffering spirits ).
  2. in some places , people make a straw man representing an evil spirit , tie harmful insects to it and , ringing bells and banging drums , go in procession to the village border where it is thrown the river .
  3. torches are used in various ' fire festivals ' to illuminate the approach to the shrine; are carried by worshippers as they walk in procession to the shrine; a large ' otaimatsu torch ' made of easily-burned firewood is used for night illumination in shinto rituals; or they carried to the " gekai " (lower world ) by people running through the shrine .


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