in profile 意味

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  • 横顔では、横[側面]から見て
  • profile:    1profile n. 横顔, プロフィール; (簡単な)人物紹介; 輪郭, 外形; 態度.【動詞+】She has acquired a high profile.目立つ態度を取っているa coin which bears the profile of Queen Victoriaヴィクトリア女王の横顔のついたコインHe has awful teeth that belie his roma
  • abnormal profile:    異型{いけい}
  • acidity profile:    酸性{さんせい}プロファイル


  1. but i can do better . give me the chalk . stand in profile .
    だが私の方がうまいぞ 横顔を見せて
  2. this is why mug shots are taken in profile .
  3. you can see the lhotse face is in profile
  4. which is why he is always shown in profile .
  5. once the tray had been placed below the head , the thumb of the left hand was placed in the ear of the severed head while the remaining fingers held and supported the jaw , and the right hand held the cheek and the jaw to lift the head up; the head was then shown in profile by turning to the left while drawing back .
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