in profound meditation 意味

  • 深い瞑想状態{めいそう じょうたい}で
  • meditation:    meditation n. 瞑想(めいそう), 沈思.【動詞+】practice meditation黙想するI start my daily meditation at 9 o'clock.毎朝 9 時から瞑想を始めるWhy don't you take up meditation; it might help you.瞑想をやってみてごらんなさい, 効くかもしれませんよ.【形容詞 名詞+】
  • profound:    profound厚味厚みあつみ奥深いおくふかいおくぶかい深長しんちょう深遠しんえん深いふかい深甚しんじん
  • (zen) meditation:    (Zen) meditation座禅坐禅ざぜん


  1. it ' s a deity specifically associated with the sacred sanskrit syllable , " bhruum ," which was uttered by shakyamuni to verbalize his thought while he was absorbed in profound meditation .
  2. dainichi kinrin , which is believed to be a deity derived from the great cosmic buddha (dainichi nyorai in japanese ), is associated with the sanskrit syllable " bhruum ," which dainichi nyorai of the transcendental world uttered while he was absorbed in profound meditation in the world of physical phenomenon .


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